Tips to Select You Best Picture For Tinder

Your Best Picture For Tinder Search!

Let’s admit it: First impressions do count on tinder Search. We are always talking about how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but nobody in their right mind would buy a book with a title written in comic sans. This is particularly true if you are looking for love on a dating app, because what you see is all you know about the person you are going to swipe right or left.  

On tinder Sometimes it happens that you are not very sure about if you like someone or not. If you are a patient human being, maybe you will take the time to see their profile and have a look at all the other photos. But sincerely most of us aren’t exactly patient human beings… So, if we don’t find that first photo attractive, we will directly swipe left! It has happened to all of us that after swiping left we start thinking “What if it was only a bad photo? What if he/she was the love of my life and that was just a funny picture?”.

Well, perhaps we don’t go that far, but often we do wonder if we shouldn’t have had a look at all the other photos before deciding somebody is not our type. 
As we are aware of what we mentioned, it is really difficult to choose the best shot of us, because we know that photo will probably define if our potential date will want to give us a chance. When we choose our photos, looking pretty or handsome is not enough. Like we said, those pictures are all everyone know about you at the beginning, so you have to truly show your own personality. Perhaps it is a selfie, maybe it is a photo with your dogs, or it is just one of those pics you took with your friends the last GNO.

Luckily, with a new Tinder feature, we will have some help with this decision. The name of this new feature is Smart Photos, and what it does is very simple to understand: It alternates the first picture of you everybody in Tinder sees, and after a short period of time it will be revealed which of your photos is more effective
This is not rocket science: the Smart Photos feature takes into account how many people swipe right each of your photos, and then it shows you which one you should consider using as your main pic, based on this information. 
When a group of people tried this new feature, they surprised their matches actually increased. The more you swipe, the more you will be swiped (right or left), and the more effective this feature will be.

Smart Photos is the last feature Tinder has developed, but don’t forget that there are other ones that are great too, such as the one which lets you link your account to Spotify, or even the Tinder boost.

Can you imagine how fantastic the results would be if you used the Smart Photos feature to discover which your best shot is and then you would boost yourself? Don’t be afraid to take advantages of all the Tinder features, they’re always developed to help you find what you are looking for. Good luck!


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