How to Get Started With Tinder for Mac


First Things First

Before you start anything you actually need tinder for mac App for Mac. You can find it on the Appstore of your device whether its apple or android. When you download it you have to connect to Facebook and setup a new account immediately. When you do this you will be able to create your basic profile and start meeting people in your area.


Upload some Photos and Bio

The most important part of your profile is your photos. These will make or break your tinder  success. Your photos need to be professionally lit, clear and taken from attractive angles. From below is usually good as it puts you in a power position. The best thing to do is get a professional photographer to take your photo and make you look excellent.

Have some photos from outside and some from inside, and don’t have any selfies. The worst thing you could do is have all your photos being selfies indoors. Get some outdoor shots, a shot of you doing an activity and make sure they are all extremely well lit. Don’t have any pictures with your friends because that doesn’t say the right things about you.

Your bio should be short and sweet. It can be something funny or it can be brutally straightforward. You may have to test with a few different bios but try to stand out from the crowd and don’t be the nice normal guy.

Start Liking

When you have your photos and bio setup, start liking away. You can use an autoliker to help you get more matches than other people, or you can just like everyone until you start getting matches. The slowest option is to only like people who you are seriously attracted to, however this is also the most accurate way of finding someone to meet up with you.

Chat Away


When you have a few HowHot, start chatting. Don’t get too deep into it, instead just have some playful fun. Remember your intention of trying to actually meet up. Don’t waste your or the other persons time by leading the interaction nowhere.

Don’t be rude or overtly sexual unless you really know what you’re doing. Be playful and kind and considerate, and then get the phone number when things are going good. When you have the number you can phone up to arrange a date, and start meeting up with your matches.  


Únete a la conversación

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